Best Friend


Friendship though a very broad subject feeling passionate about it. It’s a such deep feeling of wholeness especially when it’s a reciprocal feeling. As of what concerns bestfriends  believe it’s a reassuring and awesome feeling to have one. The term bestfriend is normally characterized by intimacy, trust and permanence also the concept of having a bestfriend is ageless.


On my viewpoint bestfriends are truly responsible for making our lives worth living excluding family relations of course. Not only are friends always up for fun experiences but are also present in our needy times. BESTFRIENDS ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST AND YOU SEE THE BEST OUT OF THEM...


My best buddy is a boy and he’s one of the most handsome, lovely, caring, and proud person I know. I have known him for over 8 years so we practically grew up together. Though the ups and downs we’ve been through, he’s always been there for me and I for him so he completes me.


Why do we need a best friend?


I know of proverb which says a friend in need is a friend indeed so I think having a bestfriend is an essential need. That person you call your bestfriend fills you up, and is present in your hard times. Tells you the truth even when it hurts cuz honesty is a priority in your relationship. We all need at least one person whom we trust fully and can close your eyes even when crossing a bridge. We sometimes have issues there’s no one to share with or just at times feeling weird or gloomy to talk about it that’s the necessity of a bestfriend. I think it is the best form of love though hard to find one but lucky to have. A bestfriend is always there and loves you even when you forget to love yourself and clearly understands even what we do not say, when we fake smiles with pain in heart our bestfriends sees them in our eyes.


Bestfriends actually see in you what others don’t and tell you the right words at the right time and smiles to you in sincerity and with them you feel so comfortable and at ease you forget about your shyness and to be discreet


I personally believe choosing a bestfriend is not something you plan to do its comes up naturally you heart chooses your bestfriend for you and you alone know how much and at what degree the person understands and makes you feel yourself and lends you a shoulder in the worst of times and will hold your hand today, tomorrow and forever. That friend who when you call late at nights and is even angry at you still listens to you because you feel like talking to someone that is your bestfriend
In conclusion beloved readers I believe nothing is as awesome and amazing as having a bestfriend to whom you can speak your mind out without fear and can’t hold your tears at every goodbye.
Published on: 6/1/19, 1:46 PM